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RACCONTACI COSA è SUCCESSO-esercizio per tutti

     settimana enigmistica

Scrivi la storia raccontata nelle immagini.

Se vuoi spedirci la tua storia saremo felici di leggerla e, se lo chiedi, di darti un parere.

Buon lavoro!




We apply a humanistic-affective approach that is shown to be the most efficient by the actual researches in applied linguistic (glottodidattica). It takes advantage not only of the logic-analytic, rational ability and the short-term memory but also of the emotions, in particular, the long term memory and the unconscious processes. Our aim is to help you learn without effort, having fun and with fewer possibilities to forget. One of our objectives is to give our students the capacity of pursue autonomously the study after our lessons, having the consciousness of which are the goals that they can set and the way to achieve them. Together we will establish which is your starting level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the ability which you prefer to develop (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in order to plan your hour-lessons for reaching realistic objectives. We think/ believe this is the better way to offer you an high school level service, paying attention to your necessities and respecting your learning-times.

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