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theme courses

  • Theme courses (Individual and Small-Group Classes) :

We are willing to plan your private tutorial according to your needs regarding dates and areas of interest.

On request, you can choose a theme course like the followings:

“Italian in the arts”; “Italian in Literature/ Poems/Theatre”; “Italian in songs/opera lyrics”; “Italian by cookbooks”; “Conversation on actuality and culture”; “Reading and writing”.

 Level: intermedium and advanced

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private tuition

  • Private tuition (one-to-one): grammar and conversation


Didactic Program (according to the level):

Intensive grammar study

Syntax and application

Listening and comprehension

Written and oral comprehension

Lecture and analysis

Live guided discussion and synthesis


Level: from beginner to advanced

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why learn italian?

Learning Italian is important in several life fields. If you are fashinated in arts, culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design it’s necessary to learn italian. Famous musical pieces and operas use Italian language. According to UNESCO over 50 percent of the world’s art treasures are in Italy.

Knowledge of the Italian language is also essential to travel in Italy, only with language you can understand the culture and the contemporary all-day life in Italy. Italian people are friendly!

Italian is also important in business: companies do business with Italy and more firms have offices in Italy, they need employees who speak Italian.

There are over 70 million speakers in the world, also because it is the easiest language to read and pronounce: there is only one sound for letter of the alphabet and four consonant blends. However, language learning engages mental processes that benefit the learner!

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learn italian in fossombrone

Piccola passeggiata vicino a Fossombrone!

Small trekking near Fossombrone: come here to learn italian!!

thaks to Meraviglia.Carlo for photo

learn italian community

Nato grazie all’impegno dei moderatori dell’attiva community Learn Italian di google+, su questo sito  potete trovare articoli sull’Italia  e sulla lingua italiana. Tutti i contenuti sono originali e interessanti, in lingua inglese o italiana. Noi consigliamo di seguirlo per scoprire piccole curiosità e restare sempre in contatto con la cultura italiana.

Tante informazioni interessanti per “italofili” e per le mete dei vostri prossimi viaggi! Se avete un account google+ raggiungeteci nella community!!

cooking course!

For students of our Italian courses can be associated with the cooking course organized by the cook and pizza maker Andrea Principi, owner of the restaurant “Da Gigi” in Fossombrone.
You will learn some recipes of traditional Italian cuisine, you will learn to make pasta by handthe meat sauce (ragù)lasagne, stew and other dishes that intrigue you!
Andrea will teach even the small details he had learned in years of experience to make your dishes impeccable.
The cours is 20 hours (5 day).

Urbino 2019

Urbino candidata come Città Europea della Cultura 2019!

Una bellissima occasione per scoprire questo piccolo ma prezioso mondo. I nostri corsi sono a pochi passi da questa meravigliosa città: siete i benvenuti!

Potete seguire la candidatura su facebook e twitter:

facebook Urbino 2019

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wanted students 21/29 June Gabicce Mare

Would like to study in the sun near the sea and discover marvelous beaches as Vallugola and Fiorenzuola?

We seek students to complete class (20hours).

Italiano: Il porto di Gabbice Mare, provincia ...

Italiano: Il porto di Gabbice Mare, provincia di Pesaro e Urbino, Italia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 in Gabicce Mare in time 21/29 June.
The course is 180e, 160euro booking before March 31.

Write us to more informations. If needed we can hapl you for accomodation.

 Cerchiamo studenti per completare classe (20 ore) a Gabicce Mare tra il 21 e il 29 giugno.

Il corso è di 180euro, scontato a 160e prenotando entro il 31 marzo.

Italian lessons online via Skype or Hangout

We also offer lessons online.
The lessons is dedicated to the conversation, allow you to practice your Italian anywhere. Speaking to understand your weaknesses and your strengths, you will erase the doubts about grammar. You are free to decide your timetable and organize your work!
Especially are perfect for not forget the Italian and to improve.

Lessons 15 euro. The lessons during 60 minuts.
10 lessons 150 euro.


Registration to Book a week before. Write your preferred time (Rome time) and skypename. We will give you the payment details and confirmation.

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